Hi! I am Jim.

My favourite word is lovely. What’s yours?

I'm working towards a kinder, safer Internet.


When the mood strikes, I throw some words together. I tend to write about approaches to work, hiring and inclusion. While I have *opinions*, I try to steer clear of thought-leadering. Let me know if I stray too close! Here's some examples of my writing, I hope you get something useful out of them. I did.

Let’s chat

I'd love to hear from you.

You could send a tweet or a DM to mackesque . I also love emails. My email address is in my pinned tweet if you prefer email.

Over in the Support Driven Slack, I really enjoy chatting about all things support with a wonderful community of support professionals.

For code and the like, I can be found at jimmackenzie .


Like dark syntax highlighting themes? Fancy a change from solarized? Use the Atom text editor? I made a theme, and I think it is nice. At some point I need to migrate this to VSCode, but feel free to poke at it until I do.

Grab it here or apm install elva-syntax.

If you do, let me know what you think! I'd love suggestions on how to make it more useful. I use a complementary terminal theme for OS X too, which you can pick up here.